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With more than 220 years of experience, Lombard Odier is a seventh-generation family business specialising in asset management and wealth preservation. Tradition, innovation and sustainable investing have been the key factors in its longevity. Constantly rethinking the world, showing imagination and welcoming change as an opportunity have allowed Lombard Odier to offer inventive solutions, closely aligned to the needs and ambitions of its clients.

Throughout its history, the bank has been deeply committed to the values that guide the transmission of family wealth to future generations, such as responsibility, long-term commitment and a desire for excellence. The FBN NxG Lombard Odier Award, as well as the associated projects FBN NxG Entrepreneurship Day and FBN NxG International Summit, are a natural extension of these principles.

Created to support innovative initiatives devised by the next generation of family entrepreneurs, the programme is built on the basis of criteria such as innovation, feasibility, sustainability and communication. Lombard Odier, true to its Rethink Everything philosophy and a champion of the Sustainability Revolution, believe in the importance of innovation in a constantly changing world, encourages future leaders of family business to make their own pioneering work a reality.


For new perspectives, visit www.lombardodier.com.